贵州网友:原文:Dear Customer,As you know, we are always mitted to providing you with the best quality services.With 4 Tbit/s of anti-DDoS capacity, we’re able to block more than 2,000 DDoS attacks per day and around 20 large-scale attacks each week, without letting them affect your services.However, the war against DDoS attacks is a race against time. Today, we are always one step ahead, but we must always remain at the forefront of innovation, to ensure that your services remain acceible during DDoS attacks that are increasing in both frequency and volume.To achieve this, we need to take even further measures securing our work – and for this reason, we have decided to charge for this service, which will be included by default in all eligible solutions.These price increases will affect both new and existing customers. For all new orders, our website will now display the new prices.For Kimsufi services that are currently in use, the extra cost of anti-DDoS protection will be applied from 1st December onwards, when they are renewed.

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